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ksicht2Hi, I’m Ľuboš, alias „Shubol“

I always felt the need create something beautiful. Long time ago I play in Paint Shop Pro on my „new“ 486 with 133MHz CPU and 16 MB RAM. After than I try many versions of Photoshop and Corel. But this not satisfied me. I want something more, something that gives me more freedom.  I decided try 3D. I try 3ds Max and Maya. But one day on spring 2014 I download Blender. It was love at first sight. I was very surprised what can be achieved with this free tool and I understood than I don’t need buy overpriced software for create beautiful things. Also I don’t like using illegal software for commercial purposes like many others.

Keep in mind: Artist and his approach is much more important than tool he use.

I’m active member on Blender StackExchange forum, where I always glad to help other members solve their problems.

I use:

  • Blender for 3D modeling, creating materials (I really love create physical base shaded procedural materials), texture painting, sculpt details, bake all kind of maps, animations, rendering, compositing/post processing.
  • Cycles – render engine – part of Blender
  • Substance – Painter/Designr/B2M: advanced procedural PBR texturing
  • Yafaray – Cycles render engine is awesome and fast, but not contain Metropolis sampler as yet. Than for specific effect like caustic I use Yafaray.
  • GIMP for texture manipulating and other 2D graphics
  • Krita for sketching
  • Inkscape for vector graphics
  • AwesomeBump for creating maps (albedo, normal, specular, height, occlusion, glossiness, metalic) from photos for achieve photorealism.
  • Unity 3D for Game graphics and WebGL
  • Natron for compositing
  • Make Human – needs no comment
  • LightWorks Pro for video editing

All application running under UbuntuStudio.

Every project is unique, and my aim is understand what exactly you need,  propose and create best solution for you.

What I can do for you?

– product visualization and design
– real time rendered visualization (using Unity game engine including WebGL)
– product presentation video and animation
– explainatory 3D anims/ (show, how your device/product work)
– logo and logo animations
– game graphic
– models for 3D print

If you like my previous work, feel free to contact me directly, or you can visit my profile on freelancer.com.


Ľuboš Černák

Telgárt 457



IČO: 41615701

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shubol3D

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/shubol/videos

E – mail: shubol@shubol.sk


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